In-House Training

Our number one priority is your safety

Investing in our people’s skills and capabilities

As a long-established major coach operator and surface travel specialist, we recognise our responsibility to train our people to the highest standards. It’s an investment we’re happy to make. Customers benefit, colleagues benefit – everyone benefits.

Qualified and trained at top professional level

The coach travel industry has matured to the point where it offers qualifications and training opportunities to everyone from school leavers to graduates. It also attracts experienced, ambitious people who want to change career. Take our word for it – if you can make the grade, it’s a great business to be in!

Best possible service with exacting standards

The capabilities we look for range from driving and technical skills to customer service and business administration skills. Our industry-recognised training programmes ensure that everyone improves and pulls together as a team. As a result, Yelloway achieves higher levels of both customer and job satisfaction year on year.